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Please don't take it personally. I have a busy life and simply cannot devote the time to more then 25-30 people on this site. It's not because I hate you or think that you've become uncool or anything. I actually do still like a majority of you that I have defriended in the past, I just don't have the time or the effort right now.

Most likely we don't talk anymore, we rarely share the same interests or you rarely post. But really, I have absolutely no problem with you and hold no hatred or dislike at all. If I had a problem with you, I would let you know, I personally hate leaving people out in the dark like that. Trust me, me defriending you doesn't mean you're not cool anymore or that you're a douchebag. You're honestly not, so please don't let your self esteem be destroyed because of me.

All I ask of you is that you defriend me back and try not to have bitter feelings about this. It's really not you, it's me. 8(

Hey Star Trek Fandom.

[Trigger warning for discussion of sexism, racism and queer bigotry.]

Ok, fandom, can we have a talk here? I know that I’ve only just started getting into Star Trek a couple months ago but I feel the need to say this because some fans are really pissing me off.

Ok so, why are most of you so determined and confident that Spock and Uhura are defiantly going to break up in the next film? I get it, you don’t like the pairing. If you prefer to ship them both with other characters, that’s fine. But if you just think that Uhura’s in the way of Kirk and Spock’s relationship or that her relationship with Spock has nothing going for it or that it’s problematic for her character than you need to shut the fuck up.

UHURA IS NOT IN THE WAY OF SPOCK AND KIRK BEING CLOSE FRIENDS OR EVEN LOVERS. Seriously, why is it when fandom wants two males to be in a romantic relationship, they automatically assume that any female who dates one of them is the cause for not having a queer couple become canon? It’s fucking not. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s the fucking media that doesn’t want to show a queer couple on a science fiction franchise that’s popular throughout all age groups. Because god fucking forbid that children get exposed to it, GASP, it could scar them for life or even forcibly turn them gay! We just can’t have that! /sarcasm. Look, there’s still going to be fantastic friendship moments between Kirk and Spock in the next movie. Spock Prime made fucking sure that they would always be friends, even in an alternative universe. We’re still going to get our Kirk/Spock moments. So you can stop pointing fingers at Uhura and thinking that she’s the problem. She’s not and fuck you if you still believe she is.

Spock and Uhura’s feelings for each other are deep, mutual, loving and respectful. There’s nothing shallow or pointless about their relationship. They have some problems here and there but every couple does. They both learn to work it out because they’re professional and want to make the relationship work out. Uhura isn’t just going to suddenly dump him because of any flaws he might have and the same goes for Spock. They respect each other entirely. Seriously, what the hell would be the point of them being together in the 2009 film if all they’re going to do is break up in the next film? That development between them would be utterly pointless and it wouldn’t be fair for Uhura’s character. Don’t like the pairing? Fine. But please, PLEASE acknowledge that their relationship is real and deep and that breaking up as soon as the next movie would be really bad writing and out of character for both of them.

There is nothing fucking problematic about Uhura and Spock being together. She’s not just there to be “the girlfriend.” Although we don’t have many scenes of her in the 2009 movie, she has been seen hanging out with friends, working hard at her job, and generally having her own life outside of Spock’s. SHE HAS A FUCKING AGENDA OF HER OWN ON THE MOVIE, OK FANDOM? I would get into this more but here’s a wonderful essay that explains it much MUCH better than I do. Please click right here to read it.

Now before any of you pull the “SPOCK AND UHURA BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP IS AGAINST THE RULES ON STARFLEET” excuse, please let me tell you a few things. First off, if Spock broke up with Uhura for that reason, he’s not going to date anyone else on the Enterprise. Period. He won’t get with Kirk, he won’t get with McCoy, he won’t get with ANYONE even if they tried their hardest too. I’m really sick of seeing that kind of hypocritical bullshit when I read nu Kirk/Spock fanfics. Secondly, romantic relationships for Star Fleet officers aren’t forbidden, they’re just looked down upon and discouraged. Spock is a person who, for the most, strictly obeys the regulations of Starfleet. If this was truly a strict rule then Spock would’ve been saying something about it in the first place with Uhura. He wouldn’t have allowed them to be together from the very beginning. He’s not just going to suddenly bring it up after months or years of dating her. Lastly, NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THAT RULE AND HAVE NEVER BROUGHT IT UP WITH EITHER OF THEM WHEN THEY WERE MAKING OUT IN THE TRANSPORTER ROOM. Not even Kirk who was promoted to CAPTAIN just before that moment.

I have said this before and will say it again, it’s ok if you don’t like this pairing as long as there are no bullshit excuses that you have for disliking it. If you just prefer to ship them both with other characters, that’s fine. If you don’t like ANY kind of pairing in Star Trek, that’s fine too. But when you make crappy excuses such as the ones I stated earlier, that’s where we have a fucking problem. There’s also a problem if you don’t like pairing Spock with a black women but will pair him with all sorts of white people. Or if you have Spock paired with someone for all of his life while Uhura gets no one and has to deal with being forever alone. FUCK that shit.

Look, I LOVE Kirk/Spock. I love their dynamics with each other and I love the fact that they have a lot of moments with each other. But fandom, can you please stop bashing Spock/Uhura just because you think it’s in the way of your otp? I love Spock/Uhura almost as much as Kirk/Spock and it really upsets me to see people say crap about them.

I’m probably gonna get a lot of flames for writing this but whatever. I’ve wanted to say all of this for a while; I just never got the chance to sit down and fully write it out.


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