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fairy1234's Journal

Treacherous Tracy
17 July 1988
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Hello, my name is Tracy. I'm a nerdy, weird, awkward flatchested blonde girl that likes to rant about things. I am also a hardcore, annoying fangirl about all the things I like. I can't draw for crap but I do it anyway.

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ariel, art, arwen/eowyn, azula/ty lee, beatrix/steiner, being a loser, being a nerd, being a weirdo, bisexuality, channel awesome, chichi/piccolo, chunky monkey ice cream, cinemassacre, cookie crisp, crushing fanboy's dreams, cry moar white boy, cuz it's party time, disney movies, ed edd n eddy, edd/eddy, equal rights, feminism, ffffff, gay rights, get off my lawn, hating fandom, having a chronic bitchface, helen/deneve, i smell a sitcom, itachi/kisame, jolene/linebeck, kefka, maito gai, mei/gai, pitch/jack, rainbow barfs, ryoko/ayeka, spock prime/nu!kirk, spock/kirk, the little mermaid, uhura/chapel